Recipe for creating a reality


  • icone2Form an image in your mind
  • Put energy into it (be emotional about it)
  • Believe in it
  • Stir it up, let it sit for a while.

Add spices to taste.

You can enjoy your reality.

icone exercise

Imagine that someone close to you betrays you. Imagine the reasons. Be angry, upset or grieved. You'll come to believe it. Enjoy your mind game.  



These ideas are not new or unusual. The notion that we create our reality from our beliefs and emotions is present in all traditions and wisdoms.

What is interesting is to observe how the spell makes us believe that reality is outside of us, that we are not the authors, but merely the extras.

As soon as you take back the ownership of your mind, the spell loses its influence in your life.



The experiment that could transform your world would be based on the fundamental idea that you create your personal and collective reality from the nature of your beliefs, that all existence is blessed and that evil does not exist. If these ideas were adopted individually and collectively, then the evidence from your physical senses would find no contradiction. They would perceive that the world is good. This is the experiment that has not yet been tried, and these are the truths that you must learn.