Stop cleaning the mirror



Quantum physics and spirituality now agree on one thing: we experience what we imagine. Or, as the Buddha put it: the world you see is in your mind.

This world you see is the demented narrative of the spell, a hypnotic fable we believe in.

At every moment, we re-imagine the same film and project it onto the world screen, without questioning its scenario. The world is the mirror of our beliefs and inner states.

Upset, we try to clean the mirror to change things. Without success: it only reflects our projections, our ideas about the world.

The spell is a parasitic device that survives by feeding on our attention and altering our thoughts to its advantage.

To break the spell and regain a healthy mind, we need to stop endorsing the predatory narrative, to regain possession of our imagination and what it produces.

Without a power source, the spell will disappear.


We are going through the bardo, collectively. The function of the bardo is to reflect our inner states: our fears, our desires, our denials, our expectations, our obsessions and fantasies, our beliefs. In other words, it is a time to take a great inner inventory: "And this, do you want to keep it? Think hard because everything you imagine becomes real."

Stop trying to clean the mirror. It's exhausting and useless. Clean up your thoughts instead.