The religious stupefaction



Religion is key element in the automatic updating of the spell.

Once you have accepted the notion of an external authority, you need an object to submit to and guidelines for living your life.

Since you have lost touch with your immortal Self, worshiping a God offers many advantages, the coolest of which is getting a vicarious sense of life.

Corruption of perceptions is becoming institutionalized, religions are spreading. Mentally ill people proclaim themselves as intermediaries between you and "God."

The contest for the best God story turns into a massacre. It continues to this day.

The spell works like a charm.




There is a lot of talk about drug abuse. But many of you have taken massive doses of religion. The results are the same. You have taken massive doses of guilt, no matter what the circumstances. It represents an assault on the foundations of your consciousness.



The spell in full operation at the time of the crusades/p>