Origin of the spell



Ancient texts, scriptures and legends come together when they describe the conquest of humanity by alien entities in the distant past.

Babylonian tablets and the Epic of Gilgamesh point to alien interference in the modelling of human societies.

Oldest Christian text, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures mention the Archons, god-like entities interfering with human evolution.

Myths and legends from five continents speak of alien interference in the design of human societies.

It could be that we are not using the original human software, but a pirated version...


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Additional note

By disconnecting us from our higher dimensions, the spell has also robbed us of the memory of our cosmic origins. Religion and science have completed the sabotage, reducing living species, including humans, to biological assemblages that are probably random.

The question of our origins is crucial to our liberation: only with a cosmic perspective can we admit the reality and nature of the spell.

Once the spell is removed, our ancestral memories will be available again.