Scientific blindness


Science without conscience is the ruin of the soul.


icone2The scientific approach has weakened the power of religion, thank God, and has led to great technological advances.

But despite the discoveries of quantum physics that invalidate our dualistic conceptions - and could transform our conceptions of the world - most of science remains trapped in the spell. We divide to study, we kill to understand life, we manipulate and control.

In the service of the spell, science is no longer scientific. Rather, it should be described as a set of methods for torturing and violating matter - for adapting reality to the myth imposed by the spell.

Deeply bewitched, we continue to entrust our lives to "experts" who are equally bewitched, but also ignorant, blind and mad.

Today, to succeed in a scientific, economic, political, medical, academic or social career, one must adopt and serve the narrative of the spell.


Additional note

Freed from the influence of the spell, science could perform wonders and bring humanity unimaginable well-being.

Many technologies that respect consciousness and life already exist, in fields as diverse as energy and health.

They will become available when we break the spell.