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Current situation

The Tibetan Book of the Dead
by Padmasambhava
This book faithfully presents the ideas and intentions of the original work. It includes one of the most detailed and compelling descriptions of the after-death state in the world literature, practices that can transform our experience of daily life, advice for helping the dying, and an inspiring perspective on coping with grief.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead. 
Sogyal Rimpoche

Movie : Crossing the Bardo 
Attraversando il Bardo : Sguardi sull'Aldilà", Directed by Franco Battiato
An engaged reflection on the meaning of existence and on the theme of death in the different spiritual traditions of the East and the West.
See the movie (Youtube in italian) 

Explanations on the Bardo on Wikipedia


Create a reality

The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book - Jane Roberts
THE pioneering work. A must read if you want to know the central role of beliefs in your life.
Also by Jane Roberts/Seth:
The "Unknown" Reality, Volumes I & II - Seth & Jane Roberts
Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment, Volumes I & II - Seth & Jane Roberts
The Individual & the Nature of Mass Events - Seth & Jane Roberts - Prentice Hall Press, NY, 1987
The magical approach - Seth & Jane Roberts
The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression - Jane Roberts
Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology - Jane Roberts
Psychic Politics: An Aspect Psychology Book - Jane Roberts
The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto - Jane Roberts
If We Live Again: Or, Public Magic and Private Love - Jane Roberts


Origin of the Spell

The Gods of Eden – William Bramley  - Avon Books
Human history is a seemingly endless succession of bloody conflicts and devastating turmoil. Yet, inexplicably, in the light of astonishing intellectual and technological advancement, Man’s progress has been halted in one crucial area: he still indulges the primitive beast within and makes war upon his neighbors. As a result of seven years of intense research, William Bramley has uncovered the sinister thread that links humanity’s darkest events.

The Sirius Connection - Murry Hope - Element

The Prism of Lyra - Lyssa Royal and Ken Priest - Light Technology

All books of the The Earth Chronicles - Zecharia Sitchin - Avon Books

Exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. Information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology is kept secret from the general public, elected political representatives & even senior military officials.


Traces of predators

The active side of infinity - Carlos Castaneda

Children of the Matrix - David Icke - Bridge of Love
Icke reveals in detail how the same lineages have controlled the planet for thousands of years. How they created the major religions and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge that will free humanity from its mental and emotional prisons.


Religious stupefaction

Genesis Revisited - Zecharia Sitchin - Avon Books

The Messianic Legacy - M. Baigent, R. Leight & H. Lincoln - Arrow


Identification with the body

Far Journeys, Journey Out of the Body et Ultimate Journey, Robert A. Monroe


Stop to clean the mirror

The hidden spirit of freedom. Lama Tarthang Tulkou. 
A perfect book to deepen the nature of attention.

The holographic paradigm and other paradoxes - Ken Wilber - Shambala
A good description of what it means to live into an holographic universe. Site

The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book - Jane Roberts

Total Freedom - J. Krishnamurti - Harper Collins

AHA! the realization book - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
Vywamus is excellent in his descriptions of human psyche's behaviors and in painting the multidimensional framework of our experience.
Scopes of dimensions - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
The source adventure - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing


Choose again

E.T. 101 – Zoev Jho
The Earth has elected to evolve beyond limitation; however, anyone who opts to explore that process further is free to do so — just not on this planet. Such people will be allowed to continue their experiments with limitation on some other piece of planetary property that is at a less advanced stage in its evolution.
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Awakening to Zero Point - Gregg Braden - Radio Bookstore Press
Another great demonstration of the coming dimensional changes, and the importance of compassion.

Starseed, the Third Millennium. Ken Carey, HarperCollins

The Global Brain, The Awakening Earth. Peter Russel

The Mayan Factor, the path beyond technology - José Argüelles - Bear & Co, Santa Fe

Time Bender, Tijn Touber,
Just when the situation on planet Earth is becoming unbearable, a mysterious man shows up to save the day. 


Movies of interest

They Live! John Carpenter
Watch it on Vimeo  

Dark City - Alex Proyas

Matrix - Wachowskis

Vanilla Sky -  Cameron Crowe

ExistenZ - David Cronenberg