They stole your body



Indoctrinated by the spell, we believed that we had a physical body.

That's not even the case anymore.

The big pharmaceutical conglomerates (belonging to the same elite as the media) have taken over the medical art, the health authorities and your body. Your 'health' has become the object of unbelievably profitable speculation.

The spell has corrupted all areas of health. Under the pretext of treating physical and mental illness, people are being poisoned by big pharma. The practice of medicine is conditioned to the acceptance of the official creed. Alternative solutions are sanctioned.

With the COVID hoax, this scam has reached an unimaginable scale. People are being inoculated under duress with dangerous products. Those who do not comply are beginning to be penalized: loss of employment, segregation, health pass, etc.

By dispossessing you of your own body, the spell reaches the height of its effectiveness.

If you don't wake up soon, not even your tears will belong to you for long.


they stole your body