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August 2021

The so-called COVID pandemic will be remembered as a historic turning point: the collapse of a spell-bound worldview.

More and more people around the world are discovering the contradictions, lies and frauds of the political and health authorities, the toxicity of the media and the perversity of the elites.

Like a seismic wave, doubt is seeping into the collective consciousness. The more absurd the situation becomes, the less credence is given to the official narratives.

With these waves of doubt and distrust, the power of the spell weakens; we feel less and less a part of this demented version of reality.

The days of the spell are numbered.



 Once the evil influence of the spell has been removed, our planet will not become a paradise in a day. Like us and all life on it, after millennia of abuse, it needs to heal.

 Healing is an immense undertaking. But freed from the debilitating influence of the spell, we can do wonders.


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