Who are the culprits?



The world we lived in was in many ways a horror film scripted under the influence of the spell.

When one realizes the enormity of this global kidnapping, anger and indignation are perfectly natural emotions.

Yet, looking for the culprits is as pointless as asking whether the chicken made the egg or the egg made the chicken.

We have all agreed to play in this film, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of greed, most often out of ignorance.

Human beings are fundamentally good, it was perhaps difficult for us to see such a Machiavellian plan.

By agreeing to play in the blockbuster of the spell, we have become, in spite of ourselves, its actors and accomplices.

There are no culprits

As long as you don't question every facet of the worldview induced by the spell, you remain complicit in its propagation.

Your attention feeds it. Your fear empowers it. Withdraw your loyalty to this narrative, turn off the radio-talk and it will dissipate.

And now for the good news: the more absurd the world generated by the spell becomes, the less we believe in it.

As powerful as it may seem, the spell is getting weaker every day.