Mass Media virus



With rare and insignificant exceptions, all the world's media are owned by a handful of conglomerates, themselves in the hands of an elite in the service of the spell.

The media is a weapon of mass destruction of planetary sanity.

This incredible brainwashing machine spreads a formidable virus that annihilates our ability to think: fear.

Thanks to the media, the spell permeates everywhere, reducing its victims to dull, powerless creatures.

The media is a collective hypnosis device that suffocates intelligence with the narrative of the spell.

To reward our obedience, we are given false freedoms, such as taking on roles in a script we didn't write or competing for ideas that are not our own.

The herd is free, as long as it stays in the pen.

Those who question the mass media's version of the world are called conspirators.

Information that is incompatible with the official narrative is suppressed from the main channels and networks.

George Orwell's dystopia 1984 has become a reality.


massmedia virus