The authority imposture



By being born, you did not ask the authorization to exist. You were simply born.

While growing up and in order to relate to others, you have absorbed the parasitic ideas that imbue the collective consciousness.

The most basic and pernicious of these ideas is that an external authority has the power to think and decide for you.

Accept this proposition, and the spell is activated.


icone exercise

Have fun listing everything or anyone you feel is more right, wiser, more entitled, more capable, more important or more powerful than you to the point of giving them your decision-making power.




When you ask someone else to give you direction in your own life, you keep self-actualization at bay. Without this awareness, no method will help you.

You don't have to face the truth if you hire a belief system to do it for you. But belief systems come at a high price: they impose heavy taxes on your energy.
Ken Carey