The current situation

A collective crossing of the Bardo

bardosmallAccording to Tibetan tradition, the "Bardo" is the intermediate state of existence between two lives on earth. After death and before the next birth, when consciousness is not bound to a physical body, one experiences various phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence of degeneration, ranging from the most enlightened experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable immediately after death, to terrifying hallucinations as a consequence of one's previous states of mind and actions.

For prepared individuals, the bardo offers a great opportunity for liberation, as transcendental insight can arise with direct experience of reality; for others, it can become a place of danger as the hallucinations created by karma can push them into a less than desirable rebirth. [Wikipedia]

All indications are that humanity has collectively begun the journey through the bardo.


Living in post-historic times

A great cycle of human experience ended in late 2012. Prior to this date, a certain linearity governed human affairs; the world was not better, but our collective consciousness and societies were still homogeneous. In other words, there was a framework that supported the weaving of the human experience.

Since 2012, the weave has disintegrated, and without support, the collective consciousness is in weightlessness. Our collective imagination is no longer restrained: delusional and contradictory worldviews are propagated. The world has become a madhouse.

This phenomenon of collective hallucination indicates that we have begun to traverse a collective bardo. We are experiencing in real time - and without buffer - the contents of our collective imagination. Our beliefs, our fears, our denials, our desires, our expectations are projected onto the screen of reality, as an urgent question posed by our soul: "is this what you want? Think hard because everything you imagine becomes real."

The problem is that the content of our imagination is deeply influenced by the spell. Therefore, for humanity, this crossing of the bardo is the long-awaited opportunity to break the spell.


Some examples of hallucinations due to the Bardo, August 2021


The Great COVID 19 Delusion

le cri munchThe planet has been brought to its knees and traumatized by what a growing number of experts and official bodies admit is the greatest hoax in human history, unable to prove that the virus exists. Meanwhile, the notion of being "healthy" has changed radically: the presumption of health innocence has disappeared, and we have to prove that we are healthy to participate in social and economic life. 

Natural disasters

le cri munch

The chaos that shakes the collective consciousness has a direct influence on weather phenomena. Half the planet is drowned in floods, the other half in fires.


Mass media and information control

le cri munch

A few years late, we have entered George Orwell's dystopia, 1984. The thought police are everywhere, censoring any information that contradicts the official narrative. Websites are deleted, experts are fired, and heretics will soon be burned.


Arrogance, excess and alienation

le cri munch

A few individuals have become richer than entire countries whose populations lack everything. Worse still, some people think they have the solutions to our problems. 


Cancel culture

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As we experience the consequences of neurotic worldviews, and instead of using these crises to evolve, we try to mask the problems under a veneer of absurd ideas. We rewrite textbooks, rename streets, tear down statues, sterilise languages, censor anything that upsets our comfort zones.


 In short...

 Let's not make the list any longer: the point has been made.

 And let's get to work: we have a spell to deactivate.



Alexander Dmitrievich Litovchenko  - Charon carries souls across the river Styx