The spell and love



Love is the antidote to the psychic poisoning of the spell, for it dissolves fear. Without fear, the spell loses its power.

Love holds all things together, from galaxies to planets to the couples and atoms that make them up. Even the insane asylum that currently serves as our reality is held together by love.

It is our love of life, of the beings around us, of the consciousness that animates us, of art, etc. that gives coherence and meaning to the world. Without love, everything would collapse into nothingness.

Unable to corrupt love, the spell acts on the surface: it stultifies us, trying to reduce our experience of this love to a desiccated and emptied commodity, to the imperatives of reproduction and social interaction.

In other words, if we cannot eliminate love, we can at least infest its understanding.


A fucking planet

The spell maintains a maximum of confusion for everything related to sex, mainly through contradictory injunctions. A taboo subject for centuries, it is nevertheless the area of human life most ravaged by stereotypes and conditioning.

Sexual conditioning is omnipresent, oozing from advertisements and the media and polluting the collective consciousness.

Unsurprisingly, porn is one of the most successful businesses: it is an extremely effective strategy for distorting life energy and blocking any natural experience of sexuality that might lead to ecstasy, dissolving the illusion of separation and nullifying the influence of the spell.

To prevent this potential awakening, individual identity is confined to the lower chakras and subjected to massive doses of sexual confusion. Its innate healing abilities are thus neutralized.

And the population of human zombies multiplies.


"Every desire in your body is sacred"