Mystification of genders



As we enter the third millennium, the assault on our sexual identities has taken on a new dimension. The confusion is reaching new heights.


A little clarity

In the course of its cosmic adventure, your immortal Self has occupied countless bodies. You have been a man, a woman, and perhaps a scholarly octopus from the constellation Andromeda.

But no body can contain the richness and diversity of your experiences.


The loss of connection with our multidimensional nature has made the division between the sexes possible.

Patriarchy, the sterile paradigm of the spell, has caused unimaginable suffering over the centuries for both women and men: we have experienced both genders on our journey. The roles imposed on both women and men are a horror to our soul.

Today, the need for wholeness is intensifying. Women and men no longer recognize themselves in the historical definitions of gender, which have become stifling and unbearable.

Ideally, reconnecting to our multidimensional memories would easily dissolve gender role prisons, allowing more androgynous characters to emerge.

But under the influence of the spell, this liberation impulse remains captive to the offending paradigm. The claims remain at the level of the body and social uses: activities under hypnosis.

In this context, the only issues available are the LGBT movements, gender change and transhumanism.

In other words, an avalanche of new problems.


Additional note

le cri munchIn the US, the term 'mother' is now considered discriminatory towards LGBT communities. The term "birth giving person" is now preferred.

Motherhood was a sacred experience shared by women. This new trend comes on top of the countless abuses women have endured for millennia.


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